The Rapids Network is a group of various professionals from other cryptocurrency projects who have come together to create a blockchain network we all imagined from our previous projects.

The Rapids Network leverages the ease of use that is imparted through contemporary social networks and utilizes social media platforms such as Twitch, Telegram,Discord and Twitter for social sending.

The Rapids project aims to implement widgets into the mainstream social platforms so that gifting and sharing cryptocurrency can be accomplished amongst friends, family, colleagues and companies.

The future of the Rapids Network will constitute the establishment of an app/wallet where RPD can be stored and swapped directly into fiat currency and vice versa. The issuance of pre-paid Visa debit cards will accompany the app/wallet dependent on a positive balance within your RPD account.

The Rapids Network consists of a blockchain based on the Quark algorithm, featuring a two-tiered Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus model with Masternodes and Staking-nodes.

Corey Strong
Founder / Project Manager

Nick Hellmann
Executive Advisor

Jason Berlin
Executive Advisor

Matt Cimelli
Outreach Manager